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5 Ways to Prepare For Summer Guests

This summer is expected to be busy as we have the first summer since 2019 with no restrictions. How prepared do you feel?

Providing accommodation is no easy task, especially with reported higher expectations than before the pandemic.

Guest reviews are crucial and first impressions are critical to how the season starts and continues. We share our Spotlight list of 5 ways to prepare for summer guests, as without these, your reviews and bookings can be impacted negatively.

1. Decorating and repair

Regularly schedule a day to check for any damage and repairs, and get them addressed before the next guest arrives. This is often something that will be mentioned in a review (and no one wants negative comments in a review!).

Or if you have noted the repair, but have a wait to get it repaired, let the guest know in advance of them checking in. Good communication will benefit the start of your guest relationship.

A freshly painted property is also appealing. The term ‘newly decorated’ will help your property stand out, and shines positively on you.

2. Clean carpets and upholstery

We recommend that you deep clean your carpets at least every 2 months to keep your accommodation looking lovely - and more importantly, free of bacteria, mould, and allergens (that can give a musty odour).

Many carpet cleaners come with accessories that allow you to also clean furniture and upholstery.

Carpet cleaners don’t have to be costly and are available for hire from £20, to purchase from £80 or a local company may be able to clean for you. You’d be amazed at the difference! Just look at our before and after photos below from a recent clean from our carpet cleaner!

3. Fresh linens

Over a year, linens are washed hundreds of times and may start to look a little tired. Check through your linen and towel supply and replace any frayed or stained items with new ones, or consider linen hire.

Many outlets will collect your linens, wash, dry, and iron them fresh for your next guests, such as Edka Laundry in Southampton.

This economical method helps to reduce your carbon emissions and your own time spent preparing linens between guests.

This extends to curtains which gather dust and bacteria over time. Take them down and give them a wash, adding to the freshness and welcoming scent into your property.

4. Clean & hygienic

Whether you’re a cleaner, owner of a guest home, or manager of a large hotel - the principles remain the same - a guest room or property MUST be cleaned efficiently without missing anything - free of any trace of the previous guest – otherwise, the effects could be detrimental to your reputation as a hospitality provider.

The hospitality industry currently has the highest staff shortage on record, and in the run-up to the summer rush, it’s crucial that you find or train up a trustworthy cleaning team that can deliver a reliable, consistent clean every time - delivering positive guest reviews.

Use a cleaning checklist between guests, or sign up to our mailing list to receive a free room audit checklist from Spotlight Hospitality Solutions.

The Spotlight Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality online course provides video elearning that can be incorporated as part of your staff induction, or if you are working independently, you can also use this to learn the housekeeping process yourself.

5. In-house communications

Refresh local leaflets for takeaways, restaurants, and attractions.

Make the most of added opportunities such as a late check-out upsell (if your cleaning arrangement allows), or promote future booking discounts.

Create posters and reminders with QR codes as guest review prompts, WIFI access, and a portal to bespoke welcome books. The free software tool, Canva can help you create a QR code that links to a website address.

If you need additional help marketing communications, we’d recommend which specialises in accommodation provider communications. They also run a Facebook group for added value

Now you’re ready, there is one final thing to do.

Refresh your online property descriptions and photos to show that you have taken these steps to freshen up your property, ready for your summer guests.


About Spotlight Hospitality Solutions

Founded in 2021, our Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality course focuses on delivering results and improving cleaning standards in hospitality. Through our elearning course, you’ll receive specialist cleaning and housekeeping training to help deliver a first-class service to guests, confidence in staff, and fewer complaints. We will give you all the information that you need to provide an outstanding cleaning and housekeeping service that matches the standards of the top 5-star London hotels.

This year we have launched our additional services to accommodation providers in the Southampton area. This includes cleaning (including end of tenancy), maintenance, and carpet cleaning machine hire. Please visit our website for more information

Founder Edita Talat-Kelpsiene is a woman on a mission for top-class cleanliness. She works primarily in the accommodation industry, as a provider herself she manages a caravan, 3 apartments, and a house in Southampton ( as well as her commercial laundry business (

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