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The Secret to Successful Guest Bookings

Now here’s a question. What would you answer as the key to more guest bookings?

Below we’ll debate the contributing essentials to being an accommodation provider, and we’d love to know your thoughts.

Option 1: Reviews

Did you know that 82% of consumers check the reviews before making a purchasing decision? Take a moment to think about the last time you researched for a new appliance, hotel stay, or even restaurant - did you read the reviews - and did they influence your decision?

In hospitality, reviews stand for a lot. One negative review can have more of a lasting impact than 10 positive reviews.

The most common reviews site is TripAdvisor, however, in accommodation, and Airbnb will also generate reviews. It’s important to be present on these so that collectively you can build your online trust, reliability, and reputation.

Your guests will appreciate your response to their review. For example, if they have mentioned a dripping tap, let them know it has been fixed. After all, they’ve taken the time to leave a review for you.

Option 2: Cleanliness & Maintenance

And cleanliness has become a bigger focus than previously. Guest expectations are higher than they’d be at home, placing a focus on your cleaning staff.

A guest room MUST be cleaned efficiently without missing anything - free of any trace of the previous guest and checked for bed bugs– otherwise, the effects could be detrimental to your reputation as a hospitality provider.

A negative review, relating to the level of cleanliness will impact your booking negatively. The same will apply if there is a maintenance issue that has been left unresolved.

Option 3: Communications

Your online reputation is influenced by how well you communicate, and how others perceive you.

And through a good reputation, you can expect an increase in bookings.

Before booking with you, your guest may have looked for the trust score, read reviews…possibly even looked at your direct website or social media pages.

From Google Business Profile to booking channels, social media and your website - it is important to keep all of these routes up to date, accurate and informative.

Consider adding a poster within your property to ask for a review, mid-stay, or set up an automated email that prompts a review after check-out.

After their stay, use email marketing to promote an exclusive discount to return, perhaps a branded Christmas card with a New Year offer.

Every step of your journey together is an opportunity to go above and beyond for your guest - bringing them back, or recommending you to friends and colleagues.

Option 4: Personal touches

Little added touches can make a memorable stay. From pet treats to birthday balloons or cakes, small affordable personal touches can make guests feel extra special - and they may tell their friends and family too!

Use your connections to offer tickets to events, tables in a popular restaurant or discounts at venues.

These added services will offer convenience for your guests, and also help your connections in return.

So in conclusion, which would you say is most important? Leave a comment below. We’d say they all contribute to your booking success.

About Spotlight Hospitality Solutions

We care about your accommodation business and are focused on providing the training and resource to help your guest’s satisfaction.

Our specialist cleaning and housekeeping training deliver immediate results and improvements to your cleaning standards, helping you to deliver a first-class service to guests, confidence in staff, and fewer complaints. This is available online or in person (location dependent). We will give you all the information you need to provide an outstanding cleaning and housekeeping service that matches the standards of the top 5-star London hotels.

We have launched our additional services to accommodation providers in the Southampton and New Forest area. This includes commercial cleaning (including end of tenancy), maintenance service, and carpet and upholstery cleaning machine hire.

Follow us on social media or visit our website for more information, or email us at to discuss a quotation.

We are working closely with Sara R Appleton Marketing Services who manages Accommodation Accelerator. Like us, they are focused on improving guest bookings for accommodation providers through communication. If you’d like to speak to them about any of the areas above, get in touch

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Oct 12, 2023


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